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GDC 2012: Unity 3.5 and Advanced Character Animation preview

March 10, 2012 in Community | 2 min. read
Game Developer Conference, Unity 2012

Game Developers Conference 2012, San Francisco was the biggest show for Unity to date. Showcasing the exciting new features of Unity 3.5, and previewing the forthcoming advanced character animation technology, developers visiting the Unity booth were treated to a host of Unity games, tech demos, and partner talks.

Top of the list this GDC was our forthcoming Character Animation system which saw its first public unveiling at the Unity Developer day prior to GDC. The technology was then shown in several demonstrations at the Unity booth.

The new system allows a complete pipeline for character artists to create unparalleled realism in their characters' motion; simply provide a rigged model in a T pose, and Unity's forthcoming features take care of the rest, from motion capture data, through to blend trees and state machines, the system makes it simple to create incredible character behaviour - you'll never look at a videogame character in quite the same way again.

Take a look at the feature preview video of the technology below for an overview.

Character Animation Feature Preview video

Featured Games

Also at the Unity booth were some fantastic games authored in Unity. The following trailer shows some of the latest and greatest -

We also had some great games playable at the booth, first up was Oliver and Spike: Dimensions Jumpers, by Rock Pocket Games, a beautiful third person platformer that takes the concept of 3D gaming into a new dimension, as you switch between several dimensions to navigate around the world -

Next is Derrick the Deathfin, a forthcoming Playstation Network title that blends Ecco the Dolphin with Blast Corps, in a cardboard world! Sound bizarre? it is, and it works!

Last but not least is Sky Legends, a fantastic aerial combat game from Smart Bomb Interactive. Already a popular title on the web, the game is soon making its debut on iOS and Android devices too, take a look at the trailer below -

In addition to these amazing games and the fantastic new animation technology on display, Unity staff were also on hand showing off the fantastic new feature set in Unity 3.5. You can download Unity 3.5 today, and check out some of those features in video form below -

Unity would like to thank our users for making GDC 2012 a joy, it was awesome to meet you all, and we hope to see you again at our own user conference, Unite, in August.

March 10, 2012 in Community | 2 min. read