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Game Jams Galore! 7DFPS Unity Roundup

August 20, 2013 in Community | 3 min. read
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There have been a huge amount of game jams going on of late, with the 7DFPS finishing off last weekend and the Oculus Rift IndieCade jam currently happening this month as well as a multitude of other game jams popping up all over. Game Jamming as a concept has been evolving and adapting nicely. Here at Unity we have been supporting that evolution with our tools and workflows. The whole concept of rapid iteration fits hand in hand with the philosophy of game jamming, which is why we are being used so much by intrepid developers attempting to make games under various constraints.

I've been popping into the 7DFPS IRC chat over the last week, checking out the projects and offering tips and tricks here and there. Its been a great 2nd year for the jam and last year it produced the likes of Reciever from Wolfire as well as many more interesting projects.

This year is much the same and I'd highly recommend checking out the entire list of projects created during the jam. The vast majority of which were created using Unity.

I spent most of yesterday trying out the games (its a tough job, but someone has to do it). It really is amazing how much can be done in only 7 days, the quality of some of the projects is fantastic considering that 7 days prior they only existed as a fragile seed of an idea. Here are a few that I enjoyed, I would highly recommend checking out the list above as some latecomers are also being added to the list.

Hunting Anubis

This project is a super sleek high speed Multiplayer game, so be sure to rope in a couple of friends to play. I really dig the minimalist design here and the control is very tight, allowing for some daring high speed pursuits through the city areas.
For the most up to date version be sure to check this site:


Is a fun first person Roguelike with a really cool voxel art style. It also features Oculus Rift support that really adds a new level of immersion, firing crossbow bolts by aiming your head is incredibly satisfying. For a detailed look at the evolution of the project and the techniques used for created the voxel art, be sure to check out this page:

Probably Archery

Probably Archery clearly draws from the Surgeon Simulator 2013 concept by using a Trespasser-esque control scheme to shoot arrows, with hilarious results. It also features a multiplayer mode where you have to pop your opponents balloon head.
I would highly recommend watching the tutorial video !



A great concept where you have 6 cameras pointing in all directions allowing you to see all around you. A very clever concept that produces mind bending results. Luckily it also sports Roguelike movement mechanics so that you are able to take your time and get your bearings.


Escape Sequence

I really like this one, its a maze game with the twist that you have to memorize the route before you run off and try to escape in the fastest time possible. Really nice proof of concept that I could see growing.



Chances are this is the 7DFPS game you have already seen, made by Notch using Unity and following a much more traditional, old school approach to the visuals.



Similar in concept to last years Flip'd, FlipFlop adds the addition of flops! It also records a full replay of the attempt which is pretty cool when you see the data of all recorded attempts


Ok, so that is a little summary of just a few of the interesting projects, but there are a great many projects left. At time of writing there are 279 games submitted and 166 games marked as complete. Many of which will continue being developed. I really would suggest checking out the main gallery as there are still games being finalized and updated beyond the 7 days.

August 20, 2013 in Community | 3 min. read
Topics covered