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Faces of Unity: Harry Rose

July 18, 2018 in Community | 3 min. read

Our Sustained Engineering (SE) team exemplifies our commitment to providing timely, quality service to millions of Unity developers. Harry Rose in the Brighton office is a Software Developer on the team.

Serving as the front line of Unity R&D, SE is a quality-driven team whose work influences many areas of Unity. Among other things, they provide solutions for customers and help them ship their projects on time, improve the codebase, and work to identify issues proactively. The SE team is integral to maintaining and enhancing the Unity platform as a whole.

This team maintains all released versions of Unity and is currently spearheading the new Long Term Support and Tech release streams. To learn more about Harry, Sustained Engineering, and Unity, read on!

What do you do at Unity?

I'm a Software Developer in Unity’s SE team, tasked with improving the quality of Unity, so my responsibilities are broad in many ways! Some of the tasks that are part of my job are providing high priority technical support to enterprise customers and working on improving our testing infrastructure and internal workflows. I really love getting a chance to dig deep and work on improvements and optimisations in different areas of the codebase.

What do you do day-to-day?

I don't think I have an average day as such. Every day is completely different, which is perfect for me and part of what I really love about the role The only part of my day that I’d say is a certainty is that I’ll be coding!

What made you decide to work at Unity?

I wanted to work on game engines ever since I was a student. I really enjoyed using Unity as an indie developer, and when the time came to move away from indie dev, I couldn't imagine anything better than helping to improve a platform I’d enjoyed using so much.

Have you been working on any exciting projects lately?

Lots of awesome stuff! Earlier in the year I did a bit of a deep dive in some of our file system and serialisation code and worked on a few optimisations. I also set up some scripts to help our internal developers better debug our native code on OSx and iOS, which has proved really useful.

Currently, I’ve been getting stuck on something that my team calls proactive analysis, which is the idea of trying to catch problems as early as possible.

Other tools I’m working on and feeling very hopeful about are the different sanitizers that ship with the Clang compiler. They’re really good at catching very subtle issues, and I’m currently looking into integrating them with our automated testing frameworks.

What’s your favorite non-Unity related activity?

Yoga and watching videos of corgis online, rarely at the same time though!

Overall, what do you enjoy about working at Unity?

I feel incredibly passionate about Unity and how it enables people to make their dream games and experiences. Knowing that I'm working on making that platform better every day brings me a lot of joy and motivation. I’ve also found that everyone is incredibly welcoming and friendly, it's a great environment to learn and grow, and I really enjoy the fact that I’m trusted to decide what I work on.


If you’re interested in learning more about opportunities with the Sustained Engineering team and watching corgi videos with Harry, check out the Unity careers page! And learn more about the Faces of Unity series by checking out some of our previous blog posts.

July 18, 2018 in Community | 3 min. read