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E3 Highlight: Cuphead by StudioMDHR

June 14, 2017 in Community | 1 min. read

Cuphead by StudioMDHR is a run and gun action indie game that’s dedicated to reimagining the classic 1930's cartoon style in “tough but fair” levels that focus on boss battles. The game's highly anticipated release date was recently announced at E3, following nearly 7 years of development.

Since Cuphead’s initial announcement at E3 in 2014, developers Chad and Jared Moldenhauer have been able to expand the scope of their game. In response to strong support from the community for their game, they doubled down on development efforts and partnered with Microsoft to fulfill their dream of expanding their former boss rush game to one that included platforming, additional weapons, secrets, and more story.

Cuphead’s unique delivery of the 1930s cartoon style was achieved through the painstaking use of traditional animation techniques -- including hand drawn cel animation and watercolor backgrounds. The incredible amount of work that  bring the era’s “subversive and surrealist” elements from early cartoons into Cuphead was featured in an exclusive article and interview in TIME Magazine.

The accompanying soundtrack was recorded live in studio; the jazz recordings were composed specifically for Cuphead by Kris Maddigan and are slated for release with the game.

June 14, 2017 in Community | 1 min. read