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DirectX 11 Competition Winner and Showcase!

February 1, 2013 in Community | 2 min. read
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Last month we threw out the challenge to create something intensely-crazy-amazing in Unity 4 with DirectX 11. We put forward $10,000 and a trip to the greatest conference ever (Unite 2013 in Vancouver of course) as a reward to capture the awesome.

We had a great turnout of submissions which made judging one tough cookie, so as well as presenting the Grand Prize Winner and runners up, we have a little showcase of everything that made us giddy. A massive THANK YOU to everyone who entered, we hope you all had fun and learned something new.

So without further ado, I present to you, the Winner, Runners Up and Honorable Mentions.

Check out official page with more judges notes here!

WINNER! The Museum of the Microstar.

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RUST LTD and co did a marvelous job of putting together this interactive demo, it not only showcases impressive technical ability and great visuals, it also encompses a narrative, making it an all round great project. Check out more of their stuff at

The Team.

RUST LTD: Anton Hand‐ Game Direction, 3D Art, Visual Effects, Adam Liszkiewicz ‐ Narrative Design, Writing, Lucas Miller ‐ Graphic Design, Writing, Luke Noonan ‐ Development, Sound Design, Writing, Narration RUST AFFILIATE: Joshua Ols ‐ Shader Development TINYCUBE STUDIO: Arthur Brussee ‐ Particle System Development


1st Runner Up - Voxel Cone Tracing.

Kurt Loeffer


2nd Runner Up - DirectX 11 Demo

Davit Naskidashvili


Honorable Mentions.

And now for a showcase of great projects that were entered.


Light submitted by Sergey Noscow

Sail Ship submitted by George Notyag

Happiness submitted by Maciej Gornicki

Interactive Water Simulation submitted by Laurens Mathot

February 1, 2013 in Community | 2 min. read
Topics covered