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Digital Twin Twitter takeovers: July recap

August 4, 2022 in Community | 2 min. read
Header image featuring 3 images of developers
Header image featuring 3 images of developers
Topics covered

We gave three developers the keys to our Digital Twin Twitter account so they could share some tips and tricks they have learned while working in Unity. Here is what each of these brilliant individuals covered.

Adam Chernick, Director of Interactive Visualization at ShoP Architects

1. Strategize first

2. The Impact vs Difficulty Graph

3. Lightweight assets/ optimization

4. Smooth user experience

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Johan Hanegraaf, Architect and Head of Product at Arkio

1. Use XR to design both physical and virtual buildings

2. Design for collaboration and multiple users

3. If you’re building for AEC think about integrations with CAD and BIM tools

4. Don’t just think about designing for VR, design in VR with Unity

5. Design for multiple audiences

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Andrew Gwinner, XR Software Engineer at Volkswagen Group

1. You can use lambda functions to connect UnityEvents to functions that have incompatible signatures

2. The [ContextMenu(“”)] attribute allows you to call a function from any instance of that component in the editor

3. You can replicate the legacy Input method of detecting a keypress with this snippet for the new InputSystem

4. ScriptableObjects have become one of my favorite workflows but they are unable to reference objects in your scene

5. If you format the names of your layers, tags, and more like filepaths Unity’s UI will automatically create sub menus to better organize your projects for you

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More friends coming in August…

As usual, we have some more exciting guests coming! Follow us on Twitter to find out who will be taking over our feed for each Tuesday in August.

August 4, 2022 in Community | 2 min. read
Topics covered