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Creator Kits - Get creating quickly

July 17, 2019 in Community | 2 min. read

You asked for it - and we delivered. We’ve been eagerly mixing, mastering, and magicking for your drag and drop delight. We are delighted to introduce our brand new Creator Kits for absolute beginners.

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We’ve produced three kits: A puzzle game, an FPS and an RPG. Get a brief introduction to each game genre and learn the basics of Unity without writing code. The kits offer beginners a good way to create your own game in under an hour before embarking on something with a broader scope like the Game Kits.

Play around with the Puzzle Kit - think of Rube Goldberg, Mouse Trap or Pinball and play around with our 3D physics-based puzzle game. Grab a spoon, a seesaw, funnel, and a paddle, and see if you can get the incredulously shiny silver marble to run smoothly down your marvelous machine.

If you’re itching to practice your role play, we’ve brought you a 2D RPG complete with a conversation system, quests, a collection of characters for your scintillating storylines — and fully animated chickens. We want to see your storylines, and this Creator Kit makes it super slick to get going.

Now for the big one. Doctor, I’m afraid you’ve been miniaturized. You’ll have to go in and blast the deadly germs from the INSIDE. Try not to destroy the red blood cells, and everything should be fine. In our 3D FPS Creator Kit, you can create an entire system of juicy insides including the Stomach room, Brain room, and Heart room all connected with snapping drag and drop fleshy corridors to run through and save your patient.

Check out our beautiful Creator Kits on our brand new Learn site.

Let us know what you think on the forums: Puzzle Kit, FPS Kit, RPG Kit.

July 17, 2019 in Community | 2 min. read