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Create your projects more efficiently with a curated asset bundle and Unity Learn Premium

March 12, 2020 in Community | 5 min. read
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For a limited time, we’re bundling and discounting some of our most popular assets and including a twelve-month subscription to Unity Learn Premium. Get access to live experts and learning content to help you create your best projects yet.

The resources you need to save time and grow your skills

Mega Bundles are curated toolkits of high-quality, high-value assets. This spring, we’re making it easier for you to build your dream project by offering a Mega Bundle valued at over $1,000 at a 90% discount. We’ve handpicked amazing characters, environments, and scripting assets to help you save time, generate inspiration for your next project, and bring your ideas to life more efficiently. This special opportunity is only available from March 12–31.

Learn how to create the projects you’ve always dreamed of but haven’t had the time or resources to make (until now!).

Here’s what’s included:

Twelve-month subscription to Unity Learn Premium ($99 value)  

Get up-to-date learning resources created by Unity on everything from C# to VR development and beyond. Grow your skills with a 15-hour course on creating games with AI, a 22-hour course on mastering C#, and over 300 additional hours of useful tutorials, projects, and courses. You’ll also get tips, tricks, and answers to your questions in bi-weekly, interactive live sessions with a Unity Certified Instructor. 

For this Mega Bundle, we’ve also created a special course that identifies supporting tutorials for each tool or asset pack included ensuring that you get the most out of your new assets.

Playmaker ($70 value) 

This top-rated visual scripting tool for Unity has been used in some seriously heavy-hitting games, including Hearthstone (!), INSIDE, Hollow Knight, The First Tree, Observation, Dreamfall Chapters, and more.

POLYGON – Battle Royale Pack ($49 value) 

One of our most popular art assets, this complete battle-ready art pack is loaded with tons of characters, props, weapons, vehicles, and environments. It has over 500 unique assets and a demo scene that’s sure to inspire you to use them. Continue learning about character animation on Unity Learn Premium with this project.

DarkTree FPS v1.3 ($40 value)

Build your very own FPS game from scratch with a complete toolkit including controllers, animations, weapon creation tools, sound effects, and a ready-to-fight AI system. Continue learning about AI in gaming on Unity Learn Premium with this AI for Beginners course.

InControl ($35 value) 

One of the most popular controller assets, this intuitive tool makes it easy to get controllers working on your projects. It’s a unified, cross-platform input manager that standardizes mappings for common controllers, shaving off controller setup time so you can focus your energy where it counts. Continue learning about controllers on Unity Learn Premium with this tutorial.

The $99.99 Mega Bundle also includes:

Visual Effects

Realistic Explosions Pack ($25 value) – With 13 prefabs of 2D billboarded explosions and 13 prefabs of pseudo 3D explosions, this comprehensive kit has everything you need to make your game explosive.

Environments and Art

Poly Art Animals Forest Set ($143 value) – Breathe life into your low poly art environments with a complete array of forest wildlife, each with over 62 game-ready animations. 

Snaps Art HD | Buried Memories Volume 2: Serekh ($129 value) – This detail-rich asset pack includes a modular sci-fi lab (walls, floors, trims, scaffolding, structural elements, props, and more), plus a fantastic monster to give your scene some action. It’s a complete starter kit for creating a AAA-quality sci-fi action-adventure game. 

Snaps Art HD | Sci-Fi Military Base ($99 value) – Snaps Art HD asset packs bring your project to life with high-fidelity detail. Transport your users to an eerily realistic military base with AAA-quality art assets that will get your project to the finish line faster.  

Snaps Art HD | School ($99 value) - Build the exterior and interior of a school with 102 prefabs, including walls, roofs, doors, windows, and much more. We’re also including 172 prefab props for different rooms in the school so you can build your most realistic-looking building yet. 

Space Skyboxes & Planets ($89 value) – Create rich space backdrops on any platform with this complete stylized skybox and planet vista pack, which includes 4k textures, a slew of demo scenes, and shaders to define your own custom skybox looks.

Sci Fi Fighter Cockpit Bridge 6 ($74 value) – Explore new realms of creativity with this game-ready 3D asset. The AAA-quality airship cockpit or bridge art uses PBR textures that help your game, VR, or space-sim project go farther.

Sci-Fi Laboratory Pack 2 ($59 value) – This modular art package features 183 prefabs to help you build sci-fi levels faster. 

Dwarven Expedition Pack ($35 value) – Take your game underground with this stunning AAA-quality Druid dungeon modular art package. 

Animal Controller ($30 value) - An animation framework controller, root-motion or In Place, for any animal or humanoid character. It pairs perfectly with the Poly Art Animals Forest asset included in this bundle.

Snaps Prototype | Sci-Fi Military Base ($9.99 value) - This model was created entirely with ProBuilder, so you can easily modify and customize this prototype. It includes over 150 structural elements to build the exterior of a sci-fi military base and make your game look detailed and real.

We’re excited to see your skills grow with Unity Learn Premium and can’t wait to see what you make with all of these amazing assets! Don’t forget to tag your work #madewithunity to show us what you’re up to. 


Take advantage of this special Mega Bundle to expand your skill sets and take your projects to the next level – available for $99.99 now through March 31, 2020.

March 12, 2020 in Community | 5 min. read
Topics covered