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November 21, 2013 in Community | 3 min. read
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So you’ve decided to download and check out this newfangled “Unity” thing. You open it up, create a project, and are presented with the Unity editor.  At this point you’re probably thinking to yourself, “OK, now what?” That’s where we come in. We are the Unity Learn team and our goal in this crazy, hectic world is to labor tirelessly to bring you the best content to learn from and utilize in your games. Of course, now you are probably thinking to yourself, “That’s an interesting claim, faceless-internet-article-writing-man, but certainly your content can’t help me. I make special games!”  Nay, I say to you. Our content can help anyone learn to use Unity to make all kinds of games. Just look at what we have to offer (the Learn portion of Unity’s website can be found at

Why Can’t I Hold All These Tutorials?

You like tutorials. We get that. That’s why we’ve made a bazillion of them and we keep adding more. We get that you’re too busy to read all sorts of words. That’s why our tutorials are video tutorials in stunning high definition! You never have to guess where an option is or what a button looks like. Just grab a bowl of popcorn and your favorite caffeinated beverage, queue up our videos, and follow along. You’ll be a pro in no time (warning: watching videos actually takes some time due to them not existing inside a black hole)!

We’ll Do It Live!

Come check our newest initiative: Live Training! That’s correct, come hang out with a real person as we teach concepts and answer questions in real time! Right now you’re thinking, “Blargpfpfpf” (that’s the sound of your brain exploding). Not only do we deliver content live, we actually really enjoy it! Come check out what we have scheduled. You can also watch past sessions to see just what you’re getting yourself into. We look forward to seeing you there. I mean you specifically, John (your name is probably not John, but if it is, I just blew your mind).

Antisocial Options

Perhaps you’re the type of person that prefers to drudge through tons of documentation. Never fear, we have that too. Chances are most of your questions and curiosities can be resolved simply by flipping through the posted articles and examples. So feel free to dive right in. There’s nothing wrong with being a lone wolf. We won’t tell anyone.

That’s What Friends Are For

It can be very frustrating when you have a specific question that no resources seem to address directly. Luckily, Unity has a fantastic community. While not directly controlled by the Learn team, it’s still on our page and so it will be mentioned here (and there’s nothing you can do about it). Stop and in say “Hi” to fellow Unity users in the forums. Also, swing by the Unity Answers section to ask specific questions and get an amazing level of help! We’re all in this together!

TL;DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read)

The Unity Learn team is a giant collection of superhuman awesome-sauce.  We are here to provide you with content and to lower the barrier to entry into game development. We recognise that you would rather make games than learn to make games, so let us expedite the process for you. Swing by our live sessions or check out our pre-recorded videos to start learning.

Got questions, comments, suggestions, snide remarks, or personal anecdotes? Hit us up on twitter:


@mikegeig (That’s me!)

@willgoldstone (He’s like a British Ryan Gosling)

@theantranch (a.k.a Little Angel)

@robotduck (He is an actual duck... no kidding)

@rodulator (Scottish and angry, best leave him alone)

Now go and make games. We expect to see progress!

November 21, 2013 in Community | 3 min. read

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Topics covered