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September 12, 2019 in Community | 2 min. read

Editor's Note: The Unity Student Ambassadors program was discontinued in 2021. If you're a student interested in a career with Unity or in developing on the platform, check out our Unity Student Plan or learn more about our internship program.

Our Student Ambassadors create opportunities and spaces at universities, where their peers can come together and learn how to make the most of Unity. Student Ambassadors represent the leaders of their communities, helping people move forward. Apply for the program today!

At Unity, we’re dedicated to empowering burgeoning creators. Students around the world are learning and using Unity to make projects that stretch the imagination - from incredible strategy games and mind-bending puzzles to VR experiences that help people learn and can assess people with Parkinson’s Disease. Behind these creators are the communities that support them: classmates, clubs, meetups, and game jams. And to build great communities, you need great community leaders.

Student Ambassadors represent the heart of their communities, organizing events to help students learn, and reaching out to new audiences to show them how they can use Unity to bring their ideas to life. No matter what continent they’re from or what country they’re in, Student Ambassadors lead the way for their peers, helping people discover their own potential.

In today’s society, information is available in an instant. People can learn any number of skills reading blogs and watching videos. However, communities are what turn these learnings into understanding - giving people a place where they can be with like-minded individuals. Asking a friend or a mentor for help provides a new perspective on a problem, and communities provide spaces for help or asking questions.

Student Ambassadors facilitate these discussions and activities for their peers. Learning something new for the first time can be daunting. Having someone to help along the way opens the door to more opportunities. That’s why these students dedicate their time to make the experience fun and exciting, through in-person workshops to learn Unity. These workshops help to break down the barriers on what’s possible.

Once that barrier has been broken, large events like game jams and hackathons become less intimidating. They transform from spaces full of experienced people making the biggest or best thing into opportunities to collaborate with others. Students are equipped with the skills and knowledge to be confident in what they’re building and make something they are proud of.

Whether at game jams, meetups, or workshops, Student Ambassadors are there to help. They are the on-campus, community resource for learning, creating, and growing. They provide the space where you can understand the technology, share your ideas, and build things together.

Around the world, students’ lives are being changed by the amazing work that Student Ambassadors are doing every day. Show your community what they can accomplish with Unity. Become a leader they can rely on. University students are encouraged to apply! Join the Unity Student Ambassadors Program.

September 12, 2019 in Community | 2 min. read