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A report from our Unite conferences in Asia

May 19, 2015 in Community | 3 min. read
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For those that know about Unite conferences, we thought we would share the marathon tour of the Asia Unites done this April.  This was a 5-city tour consisting of Tokyo, Seoul, Beijing and then splitting up between Taipei and Bangkok. From the R&D developer perspective we get valuable time meeting up with our Asian colleagues and also getting great interactions and learnings from our users in Asia. So, here's a photo gallery offering of the trip and the conference as we saw it.


Leading up to the beginning of the marathon, a number of us headed to Tokyo to acclimate and prepare for the talks. In addition, the User Experience team made studio visits to gather usability information across our customers in Tokyo.

Unite Tokyo

The Unite Tokyo show was a great success with a keynote feature Palmer Luckey of Oculus and Ryan Payton of Camouflaj. Along with an Oculus demo, and a Republique level featuring Unity-chan, we also announced our 3DS support.

We also got to see our now anime-stylized Dr. Charles Francis. He cuts quite the dashing figure.

The User Experience team supplemented their session "Getting to Know You!" with card sorting exercises and user interviews.

Unite Seoul

Seoul impressed us with an amazing venue and even more attendees (>2000). We had our second pass on our talks, and had another crowd of excited and motivated developers. We've never seen more excited folk to see David Helagason, and the autograph signing photo below shows it!

Unite Beijing

In China, the Unite Beijing impressed with volume. There were more than 5000 attendees to the keynote.  During the keynote,  Taiwanese director/new media artist, Hsin-Chien Huang, showcased his masterpiece -- "The Inheritance" performing his project first time in Mainland China. It offered an experience of the collision and mix of new media art and Unity.

As for the tech talks, they were packed as you can see from the picture of the "Fast UI Best Practices" talk picture below. Similarly, Jesper's talk on Global Illumination had a rapt audience.

Unite Taipei

After Beijing, the dev team split up to half attend Taipei and half attend Bangkok. The Shanghai office with a number of folk from Taiwan carried the show through. The vibe from the attendees was great with lots of advanced discussions and questions.

Unite Bangkok

The Unity crew from Singapore put together a great first Unite for Bangkok. The training day preceding the event was well attended and a success. Overall, Bangkok was younger and a more novice crowd compared to all the others, but it really reveals itself to be an emerging area with lots of future potential.

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Big thanks to all the volunteers, partners, organizers and attendees!

We look forward to seeing you at the next Unite!

May 19, 2015 in Community | 3 min. read
Topics covered